The purpose of my blog is to educate any reader about the fine details regarding mortgages and home purchases.   Early last year I met with clients to wrap up their mortgage financing.  As I usually do, I placed in front of them an agenda of the various topics we were going to be discussing during the meeting.  And as I usually say, “And I apologize up front if I tend to over explain things.  I would rather be accused of overdoing it than glossing over something assuming you know what I’m talking about.”

My clients reply took me aback and I have remembered his comment to this day, “Explain away, the devil is in the details.”  From that moment on, I never again apologized for over-explaining anything.

As this blog evolves, and I sincerely hope it does, I am hoping it will also serve as a conduit to connect readers with other individuals who help and assist me in my business.

I am also hoping that it evolves into a reference point that readers will use in order to verify details that invariably crop up during the home shopping, home buying and mortgage financing process.

However that can only happen over time so meanwhile I will focus on the very thing that inspired me to start the blog – “The Devil Is In The Details”.

Read on – please.  And comment and ask questions.  Thank you.


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